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All the best gear in the world is nothing if you don’t have the staging equipment to hang it from. We believe in creating beautiful structures that are as non-obtrusive as possible while ensuring that safety is never compromised.


Event Pros can create new, self-contained temporary structures. We build motorized truss systems and self-climbing roof systems to suit your lighting, sound and video needs as well as the infrastructure of the space. We can build modular staging for all types of applications from a simple rise for a concert, speech or a DJ to catwalks for world-famous fashion designers. Step and repeats, podiums and other branded materials are also items we can provide and light at the same time.


Aesthetics are also important. We can cover most of our truss systems with white, black or custom-colored fabrics to suit your event. We also take great pains to hide cables to ensure that no detail is left untouched.


Staging is particularly important when it comes to challenging spaces where the infrastructure just isn’t there and we have to create a universe from the ground up. For these types of situations we provide power distribution and generation, if necessary.


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