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Excellence in sound at Event Pros starts with the best audio equipment in the world.
JBL and QSC are regarded the world over as manufacturers of the top sound systems used by major touring companies. The quality of sound is extraordinary and brings sound to a whole new level not heard through conventional systems.

Event Pros uses the JBL Vertec series array which is a compact system suited to medium and large scale applications. For smaller applications, we have powerful QSC KLA & K Series speaker

systems that are heard rather than seen.


We combine our sound systems with the best audio technicians in California and arguably the country. Most of our technicians gained their vast experience doing large scale concerts and can flawlessly engineer any application: from a single podium microphone, to bands, to a large orchestra, to a 40 person conference where all participants are using individual microphones…to amazing results.


The meticulous nature of our sound systems means that no level of detail is left untouched. For example, we measure speaker cone distance to assure that no matter where in a room or even outdoors a person moves, the sound will remain at the same volume and crispness.


A typical sound package includes a QSC system, a digital console along with an experienced technician. In addition to the sound systems, we can provide a full range of microphones, consoles, band and DJ equipment and monitors for any event application.


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