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Concerts & Festivals

Event Pros' roots are in providing lighting and staging for some of the biggests festivals in Northern California. We have been involved in the music production industry for almost 20 years.


At Event Pros, we always pride ourselves on having the best gear in town and feel that it is one of our competitive advantages. However, when it comes to concerts our big advantage is having a team of award-winning technicians many with over 20 years of experience putting on large and small scale shows. These technicians can set up impeccable light and sound for a single pianist performance to a rock concert.


Many sound companies are experienced with recorded music and lack the experience to deal with live music with all the challenges that this type of performance can bring. This is especially important for events where live music will be one element of an event. When live music is an element of the moving parts of an event, it is important to work with a company like Event Pros who can switch at a dime from a musical performance to a speech to a DJ.


Being able to coordinate the sound, lighting and video by using one company is one reason that Event Pros is a trusted resource for concerts.

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