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HALO Booth

The best things in life

are shared.


We create social photo experiences with a fun, easy-to-use photo booth. Create, capture, and share photos and GIFs with our unique iPad photo booths and selfie stations.

Intuitive User Experience

Simplicity is in our DNA and it’s what makes our photobooths so popular. Guests go through a streamlined process and get their photo instantly to their phone, leaving plenty of time for everyone to take and share multiple photos from your event.

Connected App

Our photobooth app links your guests' photos into their own personal feed from your event. This leads to re-engagement and sharing long after the experience is over. It’s also another way to stay top-of-mind with your audience. Plus, you can make your galleries public to be featured in the app and discovered by other users.


Photos from our Halo Booth stay in Galleries that encourage sharing and engagement after the event is over. Guests receive a link to their photo in the context of your Gallery and are prompted with sharing options and a path to view more photos.

  • Seamless sharing - Guests share their photo directly to Facebook and Twitter using single sign-on and get a formatted media file for Instagram by email.

Brand Touchpoints

Our photobooth makes it easy to put your stamp on every part of the photo booth experience. Reinforce your event or brand from the moment guests see the booth to when their friends see it shared online.

  • GIF and layout designs - Brand every photo from the booth with your own wedding date or logo and overlay.

Digital Props

Say goodbye to messy prop tables and say hello to modern digital props! Using the latest in face detection technology, guests can enjoy an augmented reality experience putting on fun or branded digital props.

  • Facial Recognition - Digital props intelligently follow facial features like the mouth, nose, eyes or ears to react dynamically to the expressions and movements of participants.

  • Intuitive Tracking - Participants can mix and match different props on different faces! Your face can have multiple unique props that follow you automatically from frame-to-frame.

Thanks for your interest! We will contact you shortly!

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